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The reason for that is because EVERY single part of Stoodaio is EXTREMELY resource intensive. Meaning it was VERY expensive to build Stoodaio, and it’s VERY expensive to maintain it, not to mention we have about 8 different servers JUST to keep Stoodaio running. 

Plus, EVERY single script that Stoodaio writes for you, costs us money. Every time a video is created and rendered for you, it costs us money, Heck, it costs us money for EVERY viewer that watches your videos while hosted on our hosting platform. 

This means that If you tried to set up something like this for yourself, or you tried to use MULTIPLE different apps to do what Stoodaio does under ONE dashboard, you’d EASILY be paying WAYYY over $500/month… 

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Just Imagine How Much More Profit You’ll Be Making By Knowing That You’ll Have Stoodaio At Your Fingertips EVERY SINGLE MONTH?

Sounds awesome, right? Yea we think so too. 

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