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Hey Guys, Joshua Zamora Here For One Final Time

To bring you a VERY rare and EXTREMELY valuable offer that will skyrocket your profit, while being able to ensure that you keep the secret of Stoodaio to YOURSELF! 

Yup, at this point you already see the power of what you can do with Stoodaio and how much money you can make, right? 

So, we want you to be able to PROTECT the power of what you have found so you can maximize your profit potential while keeping your competitors guessing as to HOW you’re able to get SOO many quality videos created SO fast! 

On this page, you’re going to be able to unlock our Whitelabel features, so that you can put YOUR branding on OUR platform, so your clients, customers and competitors will TRULY NEVER know that the videos they’re watching is A.I. generated. 

Sounds A Little Bit Evil, Right? Buahahaha

Yea I know, but the LAST thing you want is for your clients (and competitors) to discover that you’re using Stoodaio and they purchase an account of their OWN and completely CUT YOU OUT. 

(which if you’ve been in the client business for any amount of time, you know this happens ALL the time) 

There’s always those clients that seem to constantly want to bring everything “in house” 

Just Like there's always competitors trying to figure out what you’re doing…  

Our WhiteLabel Features Allow You To Confidently Host, Publish And/or “Deliver” Your Videos WITHOUT Ever Exposing That You Used Stoodaio...

Yup, you read that correctly. How would you like to be able to not only have Stoodaio write all your content for you, but have ALL your branding show up when you go to deliver your “work” to your clients. 

On This Page You’re Going To Ensure That:

You can connect ANY domain you’d like to our platform, so that it’s YOUR domain that your traffic sees when you use our StoodaiPages feature.

PLUS your CLIENTS will also see YOUR branding when “delivering” your work via our Client Preview and Delivery features.

You can upload YOUR logo onto our StoodaioPages feature as well so that it matches the domain that you’ve connected in the step mentioned above.

You can add YOUR logo (or your CLIENTS logo) as a watermark on your videos and make it clickable to go ANYWHERE you’d like.

Imagine how much MORE professional your videos will look with your own custom watermark on them? 

We’re Talking About The Ability To Plaster YOUR Branding ALL Over Our Premium Web-App

Talk About Awesome, Right?

Well, that’s EXACTLY what you’ll be getting on this page. PLUS, it’ll take you under 5 minutes to convert our entire Stoodaio platform into your own! 

I’m sure you can see how valuable it is to be able to add your branding to our platform so you can keep the secret of Stoodaio to yourself…

And Now, It’s Time To Cut To The Chase…

How Much Is It To Be Able To Rebrand Stoodaio As My Own?

I’m sure you’ve seen it MANY times before - WhiteLabel rights are NEVER cheap. 

And for good reason. It’s not easy to put your heart and soul into a project and then easily let other people put THEIR branding on it. 

Especially when it’s probably more profitable for US if your clients (or competitors) DID purchase their own copy of Stoodaio LOL 

It’s a BIG reason why MOST WhiteLabel upgrades cost $497, $997 and even $1997!! 

It’s an EXTREMELY Valuable Option to be able to put YOUR logo on someone else’s platform. 

However, we’re here to offer you a VERY special, limited-time discount. 

It’s not going to be anywhere NEAR $1997, $997, or even $497! 

You can get access to Stoodaio WhiteLabel for the CRAZY, Discounted, One-Time Price You See Below!

However Before You Grab This Upgrade, Let’s Quickly Recap The Value Of What You’re Getting TODAY!

Add YOUR domain to our Stoodaio Platform

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Add YOUR logo To Our Stoodaio Platform

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Add ANY Logo you’d like as a watermark on your videos

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And we could've easily charged EXACTLY that to be able to add your branding to a PREMIUM platform as powerful as Stodaio. 

However since you’re here during our charter-members grand-opening, we’re going to give you one HECK of a deal! 

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If at any point before the 30 days you feel that our our Stoodaio WhiteLabel is not right for you just shoot us an email and you’ll get a FULL Refund.

And just like our other upgrades, this offer is 100% optional. You can always use and hosting, publish and/or deliver your videos with all of OUR branding. 

However, if you prefer to BOOST your brand and be able to charge PREMIUM prices, I highly recommend securing this special offer. 

You may NEVER see it again. 

So If You Want To Have The Ability To Put YOUR Branding On Our Stoodaio Platform, Hit The Button Below

I look forward to seeing you in the members area.

No Thanks, I prefer to NOT have my branding on Stoodaio and risk that my clients can purchase an account of their own and cut me out.

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