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PLUS Unlock a POWERFUL Bonus That Lets You OUTSOURCE The ENTIRE Thing (if you’d like)

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Hey Guys,
Joshua Zamora Here

With an EXTREMELY valuable offer that will allow you to take the AGENCY rights bonus that came with your order TO THE NEXT LEVEL! 

Yup, at this point you already have agency rights to be able to sell premium video creation services to your clients and charge $500-$1,000 per video (or MORE).. 

However, on THIS page, we wanted to give you the opportunity to fully-AUTOMATE that process and be able to seamlessly sell and deliver your work to clients - ALL from inside of Stoodaio. 

PLUS, this is a 2-Part Offer WITH a Powerful Bonus To REALLY make it a NO-BRAINER!

On this page, you’re going to be able to unlock our Agency Booster features - which is broken up into 2 parts -  AND you’ll also be unlocking our Sub-user/VA feature in case you want to outsource the entire thing. 

So Let’s Go Ahead And Jump Into This, Shall We?

Unlock our Powerful Preview and Pay Feature


This is EASILY one of the MOST profit-producing features we have. This feature is going to allow you to INSTANTLY create a “PREVIEW” version of your videos and publish that to a shareable StoodaioPage that you can send to your clients. 

PLUS, not only will your clients be able to preview their video, you’ll be able to embed a PAY button right below the video so your clients can pay you RIGHT AWAY! 


Unlock our Seamless DELIVERY Feature


We couldn’t simplify the ability for you to get PAID without simplifying the ability for you to DELIVER your clients their videos, right? 

Part 2 of this offer is unlocking the ability to seamlessly deliver your clients videos within a matter of SECONDS. 

Once you see that the payment has hit your account, all you have to do is click ONE-BUTTON to generate a “delivery” link and send it to your client right away. 

Once your client opens that link, they’ll be able to SEE the FINAL version of their video AND be able to INSTANTLY download their video too. 

Talk about awesome, right? 

For A VERY-Limited Time, You’ll Also Be Securing Our Powerful Sub-User/VA AT NO EXTRA Cost


$297 VALUE

Yup, you read that correctly. How would you like to be able to not create, sell and deliver premium video services to your clients  but be able to OUTSOURCE the ENTIRE process if you’d like! 

Well, that’s EXACTLY what you’re getting in this amazing bonus. 

For a VERY limited-time, we’ve decided to also include our Sub-User/VA feature as a part of this bundle offer - at NO extra charge. 

This means that you’ll have the ability to create a sub-account on your MAIN account, so that your VA or personal assistant can login and create and deliver videos on your behalf. 

This is the ULTIMATE dream, right? Being able to still bring in a HEALTHY profit, while leveraging the power of OUTSOURCING to not do ANY of the work yourself!  

Plus, you’ll be able to give out up to FIVE sub-user accounts so you can pretty much have a small video creation army generating profit for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! 

And Now, It’s Time To Get To The Million Dollar Question…

How Much Is It To Unlock Our Agency Booster Features And The Sub-User Feature?

Considering that you can sell just ONE video to ONE client for $500-$1000, we could EASILY charge $997 or more to unlock these amazing features. 

Especially when Stoodaio will be doing ALL the selling and delivery FOR YOU! 

Like I said before, these are EASILY the MOST profit-producing features you’ll be getting your hands on. 

However, we’re here to offer you a VERY special, limited-time discount. 

It’s not going to be anywhere NEAR $1997, $997, or even $497! 

You can get access to Stoodaio Agency Booster for the CRAZY, Discounted, One-Time Price You See Below!

However Before You Grab This Upgrade, Let’s Quickly Recap The Value Of What You’re Getting TODAY!

Unlock our Powerful Preview and Pay Feature


Unlock our Seamless DELIVERY Feature


Get 5 Sub-User/VA Licenses

$297 VALUE

And we could've easily charged EXACTLY that to be able to SUPERCHARGE and AUTOMATE Your Agency Rights!

However since you’re here during our charter-members grand-opening, we’re going to give you one HECK of a deal! 

Go Ahead And Unlock Your Booster Features AND Sub-User Bonus Deal For The MASSIVE Discount You See Below




HUGE 91% discount unlocked – Limited-Time ONLY!

Stoodaio Booster

Unlock our Powerful Preview and Pay Feature


Unlock our Seamless DELIVERY Feature


Get 5 Sub-User/VA Licenses

$297 VALUE

And Of Course, This Offer Is 100% Risk Free To You

If at any point before the 30 days you feel that our our Stoodaio Agency Booster is not right for you just shoot us an email and you’ll get a FULL Refund.

And just like our other upgrades, this offer is 100% optional. You can always sell and deliver your video services MANUALLY. 

However, if you prefer to BOOST your brand and be able to charge PREMIUM prices, I highly recommend securing this special offer. 

You may NEVER see it again. 

So If You Want To Have The Ability To FULLY-AUTOMATE Your Video Agency, Hit The Button Below

I look forward to seeing you in the members area.

Unlock our Powerful Preview and Pay Feature

$97 Value

Unlock our Seamless DELIVERY Feature

$97 Value

Get 5 Sub-User/VA Licenses

$297 Value

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